About Us

Alhuda is not a profit motive school and the visionaries behind it believe that love is the gate to all the secrets of this universe. The students in alhuda are provided with individual care and attention in order to foster their abilities in a most efficient manner. Our teachers strive to maximize the inherent potential of each student in the most productive manner so that the society becomes beneficial. Alhuda also try to make their students God fearing by offering exceptional religious studies that are made a part of the curriculum.

Alhuda Public School, Panayikulam – a vision 21st century school – established and managed by Alhuda Education and Charitable Trust, provides value based education in a stress free learning environment. The visionaries behind Alhuda Educational and Charitable Trust have built up this school with much elegance and beauty in a verdant land at Panayikulam. It is a CBSE School where learning is thoughtfully transformed into an art and each student undergoes a transition that can alter his/her life in a dream like manner. Alhuda is a place where a fusion of personal care and collective mending forges superlative personalities out of average minds. The word ‘love’ is the basis of this educational magic and hence students enjoy an enviable ambience of affectionate care and altruistic services.

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